Come Meet-Up With Like Minded People!


The new revamped SAGA has just been published. No voting this year, just a celebration of the best caches of 2021 and 2022.

Event Details


The SAGA is back after a 2 year hiatus.


In 2021 the SAGA committee decided to pause the event after 10 successful years. The event needed a rethink as voting numbers had declined.

The committee recently met again and decided to re-launch the SAGA, but no longer as an award event but as a celebration of hiding caches.

As such it was decided to:

  • Change the event to an indoor late afternoon event for 2023 (dining is optional)

  • Event to be held every two years

  • No awards to be given but instead highlight a selection of caches with high number of favourite votes via a slideshow

  • Have an interview with a prolific hider about their creative journey and about the fulfilment they get from receiving positive logs