There are camping options available at the GeoVenture 2020 event GZ. We have un-powered, as well as powered (10A and 15A) sites available. To book your site, check out the event map below and choose your preferred site, then head on over to the Geocaching SA Shop. At checkout, include your Geocaching name and preferred site in the Order Notes field. Please note that sites are sold on a first come, first serve basis. If someone else purchases your preferred site before you, we will allocate the nearest site in the same category. We will endeavour to update the map with sold sites as quickly as possible, but this is currently a manual process and will lag behind live bookings from time to time. Note that camp sites on the map that have been filled in with solid colour have been booked.

GeoVenture 2020 Map
GeoVenture 2020 Map – Click to open a hi-res version.

For those who wish to explore other options for their adventure to the area, there are a number of accommodation alternatives in Millicent and the surrounding towns of the Wattle Range council.






While further afield (at around a 50 minute drive), Coonawarra is an option for those who wish to include wine excursions / day trips as part of their itinerary.