Cache of the Month August 2021 – Zytheran’s Puzzles

Those amongst us who are puzzle solvers are well aware of the series if offerings produced by Zytheran. Amongst his 135 mystery caches there is a range of puzzles ranging from the merely difficult to the downright fiendish. These were well ahead of their time and although Zytheran is no longer publishing new ones, most of these still remain as a challenging series of training opportunities for each new cacher who decides they would like to try to become a puzzle solver.

Cache of the Month January 2020 – Maralinga – Field of Thunder

People sometimes ask me; What is the most unusual place that you have ever visited to find a geocache. Well, the answer would have to be Maralnga. A top secret military base in the South Australian dessert, which was used to develop and test atomic bombs, and which is still
contaminated with radioactive waste! This months geocache is Maralinga - Field of Thunder.

Cache of the Month December 2020 – The Sugarloaf Earthcache

Hallett Cove is one of South Australia’s foremost natural science treasures. Concepts of superposition of strata, unconformities, folding and faulting of sedimentary rocks are clearly displayed. In 1877 Professor Ralph Tate discovered evidence of ancient glaciation in the form of polished and striated rock surfaces on the cliff tops and the site has attracted scientific attention ever since.