Positions have now been filled, the following positions for 2023 are as follows.

Chairperson:                 Christian Richards (Chrispy89)

Vice Chairperson:        Candice Blayney (Travellinbees)

Secretary:                       Janine McMahon (Skuzzybear)

Treasurer:                      Garry Hales (honeysucker)

Annual General Meeting Minutes
Date: Sunday 22nd October 2023
Via Teams Video Link
1. Meeting Open: 11:03am
Wayne welcomed attendees and acknowledged the land and its people past, present and
emerging on which the meeting is being chaired. He also acknowledged the other first
nation lands & people where other attendees have linked in from. He thanked, with great
appreciation, the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders for allowing us to live & play on their
2. Present: Wayne Champion (Trigger_Fish); Christian Richards (Chrispy89); Heather Walker
(hevwalker); Sef van den Nieuwelaar (Cache or Check); Sandi Spink (scramping); Candice &
Pat Blayney (travellinbees); John & Di Baxter (SnappyTomCats); Jim & Julie Deer
(GordonPatrickSamuel); Mark Nieass (Hurtle); Garry Hales (honeysucker); Scott Thompson
(firesafe); Allister Williams (Allister w); Monica Burt (mogni); Wayne Powell (sir_spectre);
Jenny Parsons (Jolly0); Andrew Launders (Otter61); Kaye Weinert (locus cache); Graeme
Rawlins (OZGrumpy); Janine McMahon (skuzzybear); James Anderson (James0116);
3. Apologies: Rob & Talia Thompson (TT016); Monty Luke (Freddo), Matthew Holding
4. Previous AGM Minutes read from 13th November 2022:
Moved to be accepted: Sandi, Seconded: Christian. All agreed
5. Business from Previous Minutes: Cheque outstanding for Peter Aiken. To be followed up.
6. Financial Report: Attached
Moved it be accepted however Sef asked the income & expenditure report be brought to
the next committee meeting. All agreed
7. Sub-Committee Reports
JLWE Attached
SAGA Attached
MEGA 437 team “Will Attend”s to date. Merchandise in the shop (Polo shits, T-shirts,
Geocoins, Pathtags). Side events being organised. Programme will be available once
8. Chairperson report (Wayne) Attached
Moved to be accepted by Candice Seconded by Sandi. Accepted
9. Membership report (Garry) 49 current members. Goodie bags will be sent to members soon.
10. Officer Positions:
Wayne C declared all positions vacant.
• Nominations called for Chairperson. Candice nominated Christian. Seconded Mark.
Nomination accepted. Christian elected as Chairperson.
• Nominations called for Public Officer. Wayne nominated Christian. Seconded
Candice. Nomination accepted. Christian elected as Public Officer.
• Nominations called for Vice Chair. Christian nominated Candice. Seconded Garry.
Nomination accepted. Candice elected as Vice Chair.
• Nominations called for Secretary. John B nominated Janine. Seconded Candice.
Nomination accepted. Janine elected as Secretary.
• Nominations called for Treasurer. Candice nominated Garry. Seconded Christian.
Nomination accepted. Garry elected as Treasurer.
Nomination of Committee Members
• Garry to remain Membership Officer
• Sef nominated by Candice, seconded Garry. Accepted
• Graeme nominated by Candice, seconded by Di. Accepted
• Heather nominated by Wayne, seconded by Sandi (Newsletter Editor). Accepted
• John M nominated by Candice, seconded by Janine (Webmaster). Accepted
• Di nominated by Candice, seconded by Christian. Accepted
• Mark nominated by Candice, seconded by Christian. Accepted
11. General Business
Christian thanked retiring committee members & welcomed new committee members.
Next Committee Meeting Monday 21st November at 7:30pm.
12. Meeting Closed: 11:30am
Reports Attached

Chairperson Report Geocaching SA 2023

Having announced my intention not to stand for renominating as Chair and Public Officer of the SA
Geocaching Association in this years AGM, for no reason other than my own changing level of
interest in our hobby, i find myself reflecting on my full term as Chair rather than just the past 12
I joined the Committee as Chair in 2019, to support the Association to host South Australia’s second
Mega Event.
None of us had even heard of COVID-19 back then and we all expected that GeoVenture 2020 would
happen in 2020. Despite the challenge of COVID-19, a very successful but half sized GeoVenture 2020
Mega Event eventually occurred in 2021.
Other significant events such as the 20th anniversary June Long Weekend Event have also occurred
in this same period.
The last financial year, 2022-23 has been a busy year behind the scenes for the association. Changes
to the committee structure have resulted in a much closer alignment between the the June Long
Weekend Organising Committee, the SA Geocaching Awards Committee and the (now) Great Leap
Forward Mega Event Organising Committee, leading to a more cohesive structure, all supported by
the overall SA Geocaching Assn Committee, who have been working behind the scenes to open up of
the Organisations Membership to the wider SA Geocaching Community.
This has required constitutional changes to clarify the new membership requirements and with the
introduction of a nominal membership fee, to define who is and isn’t a financial member.
Overall your association is in a strong financial position, due in part to the success of GeoVenture
2020, but also due to prudent financial management by successive June along Weekend Organising
Committed and due the legacy left from the original Oz Mega 2014 event, which provided the seed
funding for some of these events.
I want to acknowledge the hard work of the current committee, who have worked tirelessly to put
these foundational changes in place. I’m confident that I can step aside knowing that the Association
is well positioned to support SA Geocachers into the future. I wish the incoming committee all the
best in their role as stewards of our Association.

Wayne Champion

GeocachingSA Incorporated
Financial Report 2022/23
Date: 15th October 2023

Branch Account Funds
Beyond June LWE – Main 3698780 $4,222.62
Beyond June LWE – Visa 3698782 $1.50
Beyond GSA Inc – Main 3934830 $10,337.88
Beyond GSA Inc – Visa 3934831 $2,419.50
ANZ GSA Inc – Cheque 207505831 $3,112.50
Current Total at 15/10/2023 $20,094.00

Monty Luke
Treasurer GSA Inc.

Kutta Kutta Kaching Kaos
June long weekend 2023

Teams started arriving at the GZ in Kyancutta for the weekend from Thursday. Many having travelled
from interstate to attend this annual Camping & Caching weekend. The JLWE committee and their
dedicated JLWE helpers made sure people found their camp-site and got set up for the weekend.
Friday night the local town Wudinna did a tremendous effort in providing excellent food and service for
up to 45 caching teams for dinner.
The Welcome to Wudinna event provided many geocachers to connect and chat the night away.
Saturday morning and the weekend officially began with teams from far and wide converging on
Kyancutta for an amazing weekend of geocaching and fun. All of our players had green ribbons on their
cars to identify them to the locals so the police didnt get called about random cars stopping near farms
during lambing season.
Players where off after a quick session on how to play the gameday from this year’s Game Day Masters
The McKee Clan. People darted all over the region collecting caches and placing temporary game day
caches for the weekend.
We placed an infected geocacher into the crowd to see how prepared geocachers are for thr zombie
apocalypse We decided that none will survive because you are looking for caches and not
zombies. The total unbitten over the weekend was 7 people. The rest of us failed!!
Our CITO saw the community repainting 30+ year old signs in the local memorial park. If one was to be
honest we are much better at finding containers under bushes than we are painting signs.
After this people continued hiding and finding caches before the local Kyancutta Sports and Community
Club catered a dinner for 80 hungry geocachers. All the meat was sourced from the local farmers and
suppliers. It was one of the best catered dinners events we have had. Saturday night was full of fun
antics and costumes! Mogni kept us entertained with her paper planes and KoalaSandy made us work
for some sugared candy! The variety of costumes was fantastic, from granny and bogan zombies to
zombie slayers. It’s great when you see everyone getting into the spirit of the night. Some spirit did make
it into glasses and it was a great night.
Our bacon and egg and pancake chefs did not let us down. As always the bacon was frying and the eggs
flipping ready for the hordes to line up and be fed.
Sunday morning is like herding cattle. Have you ever tried to get 80 geocachers to stand together for a
group picture?? 15 minutes later and we have snapped the perfect group photo! Thanks Team Coffee for
capturing the moment!
Back into the hall for the sending of the gpx file and last minute check of everyone’s devices. Then we
opened the doors! This is always the committees favourite part. Watching you all madly run out of the
hall and then those who stay to plot their attack for the day.

Candice Blayney (travellinbees)


After 10 years of successful SAGA events but with the dwindling numbers of cachers voting, it was
time for a rethink and potential overhaul of the event structure. As a result after a 2 year hiatus the
new format SAGA was born. No longer a voted list awarded to top caches but purely a celebration of
the highest favoured caches in the last 2 years.
On July 22 (7/22 = pi day!?), the Seven 22 bistro (wow Pi Again!) played host to the new format
event. Attendance was great with about 40 cachers making their way in the pouring rain to Port Rd
and enjoying the price reduced meals from the friendly bistro staff.
After the meals were devoured, it was time for the powerpoint presentation ably created by Bec.
Candice and Sef took on the MC roll and guided the group through a presentation of the highest
favoured caches in each of the main categories (trads, multis, mysteries and others) as well as a
couple of committee recommendations. Each cache had a teaser page with some specifics and stats
and a background photo as a hint. Competition was hot on who could guess which cache was talked
In total 24 caches were highlighted and it was pleasing to see how many rural caches were on the
list. Equally pleasing was the banter after each reveal and the approvals from those that had already
found the cache.
The night closed with an ‘interview’ with the CO of the last highlighted cache (‘Log this’ by
Brad&Janet) and Bill gave us some great insights on the joys and challenges of hiding caches.
Judging by the logs and feedback, the night was a big success and I’m sure the new format SAGA will
be back some time in the future.

Sef van den Nieuwelaar (Cache or Check)
SAGA Sub-Committee Member