With over 360 favourites accrued you have to ask “why hasn’t Squizzie’s Vision of Light GC2H363 been the cache
of the month previously”.
Somehow this awesome cache has slipped under the radar. Which is strange because it stands head and
shoulder above the rest. The most favourited cache in South Australia.
This stunning traditional geocache is a marvellous piece of geoengineering near Adelaide’s most famous
lookout. Light’s fickle finger is not pointing at the cache but the arrow on your GPSr will take you straight to the
correct tree in the park.
Vision of Light ticks all of the best geocaching boxes
-Central location.
-Tourist attraction.
-Smart camo.
-Clever hide.
-Easy parking.
Do yourself a favour. If you have not found this cache then put it on your list of caches to do soon.

“That was very cool. As a now somewhat experienced cacher I
spotted it immediately but as I walked away, I appreciated how the
untrained eye would surely not give it a second glance!”
log by InvisibleNinja
“We took a slight detour as we were heading south and came to visit
GZ, where, after a minute or two, we found what we were seeking.
Beautifully constructed! Thank you Squizzie_. Another FP here.”
log by domsky
“We spotted this one on the map due to the high number of
favourite points and it definitely didn’t disappoint. What a
fantastically constructed hide. Thanks for the cache.” log by Beardman75