GC6C7NA Magnetic Hill (Earthcache)
Placed by SnappyTomCats

Magnet Hill, which is about 7 km from Black Rock in Orroroo in the Mid North of South Australia and is where
you will find a giant magnet sitting on the hill which locals say that is the reason why ‘gravity reverses’ at the
tourist destination.
I use to live in Mid North and quite often my family would visit this hill on our weekend drives. Back then we
were continually amazed at the ‘magic’ of this hill. My dad who was a teacher/principal, knew all about the whys
of the ‘magic’ but we just thought it was ‘cool’
My geohubbie and I visited this hill in April 2018 and on our approach drove down to the sign that instructs
visitors to stop, to turn their car’s ignition off, select neutral, and not activate their brakes. Apparently steel
vehicles will go uphill, while plastic and aluminium will go downhill, or so the signage reads. The new sign
requests people with hip replacements special instructions…lol..hold on tight.
As I knew what to expect, I stood outside the car with my camera video ready as geohubbie pulled our car and
camper trailer up to the mark and followed the instructions.
The phenomenon, where the horizon is either curved or largely obstructed, and the lack of or false horizon,
makes judging the gradient and slope of a surface, difficult to determine whether you are driving up or downhill.

This is such a cool Earthcache to visit, it will do your head in but so much fun.
by scramping