Cache of the Month April 2021 – Where 13 Should Be – Cache of the Year 2020

Do you suffer from Triskaidekaphobia?  Are you afraid of thirteen?  This might be the cache that cures your fear.  Lucky 13!

Voted cache of the year 2020. GC90P8Q is a large cache cleverly hidden in plain sight. During the day the cache area is a super busy location. A constant stream of traffic going to and fro. Large trucks and forklifts.  Are you game for this challenge?

Alternatively you could follow the advice of many smarter cachers. Visit the cache after the working day is over. Quieter times. Much more civilized.

Freddo chose option A.  He put on a coat of invisibilty. Now he looks like one of the locals. He bit down and headed for GZ. The cache was there. It had to be there. It just takes a bit of Barnicing around to retrieve the container. Log signed it was time to replace the container and admire Barnic’s handiwork where thirteen should be.  Look to the south and you will see something that confirms the cache name.

After the nearby event I found myself close to this new cache so thought I would swing by for a gander. Fell for the red herring (hoping it would contain a clue) in the end there was really only one place the cache could be. Super construction TFTC Barnic a favourite for sure!

Log by Michells&hound

What an awesome hide a fav point coming your way!

With a LOT of help from the co who happened to be in the area the cache was located! Thanks for a very well hidden awesome cache!


Log by makingpie

Inline with Geocaching SA’s goal of promoting the past-time of Geocaching is South Australia, each month the association will be highlighting a cache that warrants recognition. There are no specific criteria, and suggestions are welcome, but final discretion lies with Geocaching SA.

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