The Nature Playground is a part of the ‘Millicent Domain’ which integrates Millicent’s art, culture, library, sports, parklands and play facilities a vibrant hub of community life in Millicent.

In 2017 representatives from the local child care centre, kindergartens and schools formed the ‘Voice of the children’ committee and pitched an idea to the Council of a space where children could have fun exploring and taking on the risks and challenges of a mega playground using natural resources. The children of the community worked for 12mths to discuss the meaning of a nature playground to them, and develop ideas and designs which in the December of 2018 were showcased in 2D and 3D representations of their ideas and verbally (the children’s voices) as a community presentation at the local library gallery for the community and Council to view. 2019 we successfully received grant funding by the state and federal government to see our project become a reality. In 2020 the many hours of work and locally sourced natural resources were unveiled officially, with the local children and community members having the opportunity to be some of the first to try out the giant and very fast slide out…. myself being one of them….so much fun.

Come and discover the fun that the Millicent Nature Playground holds; walk to underground tunnels, climb the rocks, balance on the ropes and stumps, swing on the big circle swing or just relax at the picnic tables and seating in amongst the beautifully growing native shrubs and trees. There is something for all ages. Will you take on the challenge to slide or not?