A return to a series this time, hidden over the course of a few weeks in mid-2013, the Harry Potter series by Frozen Feet (then know as Team Wibble), is a collection of ten caches, each with it’s own Harry Potter theme. Ranging in size from small to large, there is definitely something for everone, and the effort the Cache Owner put into this series has made it a favouite for many cachers.

Please note that this post contains spoilers. If you have not done this series, you may wish to hold off reading further until you do. At the time of publication, this series has earned 371 favourite points, and is well worth experiencing first hand.

The series takes some lesser known tracks around Mount Lofty, avoiding the hikers highway, following the Mireen and Carro Tracks that form the Measdays Loop. Please note that this track is considered a moderate hike by Parks and Wildlife. The journey takes you around Diagon Alley as you collect everything needed to start at Hogwarts, which means first stop is Olivanders Wand Shop, and various Owl Mail caches, the latter being a collection of Letterbox caches.

Then it’s on to Slug & Jiggers Apothecary, where almost every potion of every colour can be acquired. This was easily the highlight for me, with newphew in tow, he wasn’t able to choose a favourite potion colour. Following on is the only puzzle cache of the series, a simple field puzzle that only requires that an item be found nearby to gain access to the vault at Gringott’s Wizard Bank.

The end of the Loop is not too far away from here, with only a visit to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, and pick up a copy of The Monster Book of Monsters, and the preparations are complete.

All throughout this series, an opportunity to collect cache items and take in exceptional views is offered, on a track many rarely explore. An excellent cache series that will delight older and younger cachers. As always, a selection of logs are included below:

It took me a while, dodging Orb Weaver spiders, their human-sized webs and other scratchy plantlife lol but the cache was soon found. I love these ex-Ammo Caches they rule!. Played around with a wand for about 25 minutes lmao, took some piccies too. Cache found at 12:08. It is in great condition as are it’s contents. TN left my card SL. TFTC and a FUN Cache at that. Love your work, Frozen Feet 🙂

Log by bluewrentitg

Today we made up our way up to the cleveland wildlife park. We started at waterfall gully and choose to go for some extra kilometres of hiking to come along some caches we enjoyed the day very much since many of the caches were exeptional therefore we leave lots of fp’s today 😉 thanks a lot to the CO’s after caching the kangaroos within the wildlife park made our day even more remarkable 🙂

Log by Pleitegeier86

This is by far my favorite cache. The work that has gone into making this and nearby caches is astounding. Well done! Only disappointment is that ive done them now. Wish i could redo them all again. TFTC♡

Log by viclisslynn

Out and about on a sunny winters day with a group of cachers. This was the target trail for the day. This cache was a easy find and the key was found in no time as well. The lock wouldn’t open for me, it just went in circles no matter which way I turned it. Passed it over to the European and he opened it. I am blaming Slytherin magic. swapped tbs over and dropped a fav point.

Log by sir_spectre

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