Published on 23 June 2012 this cache (GC3P38A)was a recipient of a silver SAGA Award in 2012, this premium cache has collected over 70 favourite points over the last 8yrs.

Getting out into nature and breathing in fresh air whilst getting some exercise and discovering the wonders in our amazing world is the best way to spend a day. So when we had heard that the CO had sent a call out for someone to help coax a shy drop bear to come down and say hi to visiting cachers we offered to help.  We followed the well-defined tracks to find a beautiful patch of scrub in the nearby forestry area and taking the more adventurous walk it didn’t take long to reach GZ. We thought we might spot a koala or two but none were seen when we were there, even when geohubbie climbed and balanced precariously to encourage a local drop bear to come out to say hi. After what seemed forever for me on the ground watching nervously, the shy fellow showed himself and we were able to sign the cache and send our new friend back to it’s hiding place knowing that we had built his confidence to meet more friends in the future. It was a great way to celebrate our 1000th find to sit on a picnic rug in a beautiful natural environment having a teddy bears picnic.

Thankyou Jacqui&Steve for this fantastic cache which is well worth the visit for the young and old.

Have a read of what some other caches thought in their logs, included below:

We signed the log book with QQ to save space and time. What a cool cache, we loved it and it deserves a favourite point!

Log by membsec

Attempting this after being at Generations In Jazz in the morning on the way back to Southend. The bush bash looked ominous but we investigated from all angles and found the best way in.

We still managed to find a few blackberries on the bushes on the way to GZ which were a hit with fluffymaxi.

When we arrived at GZ the find was not what we expected, but absolutely brilliant and deserving of every favourite point and a further one awarded.


TFTC Jacqui&Steve, and for filling another gap on my Fizzy grid.

Log by GeckoJ

Found this firstly on the Saturday with Fuel Wasters and The Rowley Clan and thought it was fantastic. Came back again on Fathers Day with the kids so they could experience it..well they loved it!! I can see why it won an award , well done

Log by The Rizzos

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