The Gold Medal Winner

A traditional cache, Turn It Backwads (GC8EZGE) was awarded best overall cache and best traditional cache in SAGA 2019. A simple to find traditional cache with an interesting twist. A field puzzle where the mantra is “Righty tighty, Lefty loosey”. Right being clockwise or forwards. Left being anti clockwise, counter clockwise or backwards.

There is no problem getting to this cache. Park coordinates are Gate 19. It is a comfortable stroll on a solid trail in a lovely southern park that seems to be attracting this type of interesting field puzzle cache type. The cache is just off the trail. Over there behind the bushes. Not to far now.

The camo is really working if you are having trouble finding the cache. It is pretty easy to spot. Unmistakable. A green tower 1.2m tall. That is where the fun starts.

Pop the top off the cache container and you will find a tool. The handle. There is pretty obvious place to stick the tool. The handle is your friend. You would be in trouble if the tool was not available.

Remember the name of the cache. Turn It Backwards. Well this is exactly what you have to do to find the log book. Follow the instructions in the cache notes. Turning backwards, anti clockwise. Now the fun starts. It is not just one turn. It will take a few more turns to get the log book in your hands. How many turns? Well you will just have to visit the cache to find out!

Don’t forget to leave everything just how you found it. How do you do that. Turn it forwards.

Congratulations to allister w for a really impressive gadget cache. We love your work.

Inline with Geocaching SA’s goal of promoting the past-time of Geocaching is South Australia, each month the association will be highlighting a cache that warrants recognition. There are no specific criteria, and suggestions are welcome, but final discretion lies with Geocaching SA.