The first of two blogs on some things to do in and around Millicent, for those muggle family members looking for other activites, as well as those who want to take a short break from caching.

Millicent Museum

Built in 1873 as a primary school, the building has housed the Millicent National Trust Museum since 1960. The story of Millicent town and district from pre-settlement times is based in a large complex via the Visitor Information. The museum’s extensive layout leads you from the Aboriginal history and culture of the Limestone Coast to the perils of the sea. It has a collection of over 60 fully restored horse drawn carriages and wagons; tells the story of early Millicent days; and explains how the swamps surrounding the town were drained. There are very small items: a hexagonal fabric piece in a quilt from one of Queen Victoria’s gowns, an Emu egg football cup and a set of scales has weighed nearly every baby born in Millicent.
This showpiece museum was one of the first two museums in South Australia to receive full accreditation from the History Trust of South Australia.

Millicent Swimming Lake

Celebrating its 50th birthday in 2019 this unique man-made swimming lake is set among spacious lawns and trees and is a very popular place during the warm summer months. The lake has a created beach and waders pool where the gradual slope increases towards the platform and outer edges  into a pool depth of approx 1.6m. The lake has grass areas on both sides of the pool safe fence which begins at the beach sides and borders the lakes deeper areas. Plenty of shade is provided for those sunny days and a swim in the lake is the ideal way to cool off.

Visitors to the adjacent caravan park and council area along with locals alike love visiting this icon of Millicent. With lots of parking available both off road and along the adjacent roads, a kiosk providing take away food and beverages and parkland style surrounds with a free barbecue, playground facilities and a volley ball net available makes it great place for the whole family and friends to enjoy time together.

Stay tuned for Pt II coming shortly!