The ants go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching two by two,
The little one stops to go woo hoo!!!
He has the coords for the cache
And they all go marching off to Antsy Hill


If you have been caching in SA, NT or ACT you will surely have come across a cache by TiedyeSmileys.  Caches from this husband and wife team are legendary.  They provide amusing cache constructions and clever cache notes.  It is always a pleasure to do a cache from the workshop of TDS.  How do you double the fun?  Easy.  Do one of their multicaches.

This month we are reviewing Antsy Hill (GC2M776).

The cache notes say a short two stage multi cache on Anstey Hill.  Visit the listed coordinates and find the well-crafted waypoint.  As the song says he has the coords of for the cache.  Next head a little further up Antsy Hill for the final cache location.  Not far, just a few metres.  They were honest when they said a short multicache.  No heart smashing thigh pumping leg busting hill climbs to find this cache.  The fun cache container at the final location is just what you would expect from this great team.

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Because this was a TiedyeSmiley cache, I ant-icipated that it would be a f-ant-astic fun. Indeed it was a short pleas-ant walk along the ant trail to the waypoints, and a quick find of the inhabit-ants, for some b-ant-er. The final had me confused for an inst-ant though, as the GPS was pointing t-ant-alisingly into the pl-ants. I was hesit-ant to enter, and though my p-ants protected my posterior, my ant-erior was getting scratched by the irrit-ant pl-ants. However, once I sat and looked around, I was cognis-ant that the hide was abund-ant-ly visible, and no ant-iclimax.

TNLN – Thanks TiedyeSmileys!

Log by winterdragon

Do yourself a favour.  If you have not found the nearest TiedyeSmileys cache get on the way and have some awesome fun.

 TieDyeSmileys Honourable Mentions

Do you have the courage to retrieve the log book from a rat nest.  Here is the Ochilio log that paints a picture of a grown man crying at Mangrove Reststop (GC2J422).  Reading the logs the furry creatures with long tails are still living in the remains of this famous cache.

Mrs O and Sir Maxy wisely decided to stay in the car while suitably-dressed Mr O made a treacherous creek crossing, followed by a much-wrong approach via the red arrow. Much mangrove-bashing was done, along with sinking into black mud up to thigh level, before the second creek was crossed at a low-enough point not to get one’s privates wet!

And that’s when the fun really started. Mr O located the box in short order and thought, “Hmmm, looks like it gets flooded way up there!”. The other logs speak of furry inhabitants. Mr O then had the pleasure of seeing one, then two of the horrible grey critters somehow extract themselves from the tightly-locked box and jump into the trees, right next to his head. Phew – that must be all of them! The doors were unlatched and the upper compartment cleared, while rapping on the box to clear out any remaining critters. But…hang on, is that a snake? Nup – just a rat’s tail. The furry body it was attached to made a flying leap into the bush and scurried away, followed by – you guessed it – yet another rat! By this time poor Mr O was squealing like a schoolgirl. Not yet defeated, he reached for the rear latch to retrieve the cache, noting that it was also stuffed full of seaweed or whatever rats use for wallpaper. More rats came out. Mr O, by now sobbing like a child, took a couple of shaky photos of the box – which was by no means empty, judging from the noises inside – and made the decision not to go sticking a hand in, or anywhere near, that thing!

Log by o’cholio

While we are on the subject of great caches from TiedyeSmileys it is worth looking at some of their other cache products.  Did you know they own the three most favourited caches on the Wandering Heroes trail?  And who could forget the sadly archived Alien Autopsy.  Perhaps you were neuralyzed?