Geocaching South Australia, on behalf of Team Scoobster, invites all geocachers in South Australia this Sunday (8th December) to the Annual SA Christmas Event 2019. This event is always a highlight of the SA Caching calendar, and once again is being hosted at Jenkins Avenue Park in Rostrevor, between 11am and 2pm.

The SA Geocaching annual Christmas event has been running for over 15 years. What started out as a dinner with a few people, has now become a must attend event with some years reaching over 200 people! What is loved the most about this event is the laid back, friendly family atmosphere – with a special place for the North/South Tug of War with the addition of a Force gauge for the statistically inclined. A true community based events, we have volunteers from within the community come forth and lend a hand. Team Scoobster has been hosting the event for 10+ years now, with it now becoming a well run machine. One of the challenges often faced for this event is the weather – we’ve had everything from blisteringly cold rain storms to the sweltering 44’ swelter of 2015 – where emergency water fan systems were brought in. Every year we have so many wonderful members of the geocaching community help put this event together.

  • ttrogg – Brings his delicious home-made Fudge in Vanilla, Peppermint and Orange flavours!
  • MtnLioness – Makes boxes (and boxes and boxes and boxes) of Gingerbread.
  • Mr Tardis – Designs and runs a mini geocache game with temporary caches, puzzles and activities for the chance to win some great prizes.

There are various Christmas games, plates of cupcakes, sandwiches, snacks and lolly bags all shared by attendees. Team Scoobster supply a tasty treat. Previous years have been popcorn and fairy floss with a now permanent addition of Icee snow cones! There is an official Christmas Pathtag to get at the event, the famous North verse South Tug Of War, and of course Santa and his naughty helper comes for a visit.

New for 2019!!!

  • This year sees the introduction of a Jumping Pillow for the kiddies (and big kids)!
  • This year will also see a nice fresh new (hand friendly) tug of war rope being supplied!
  • Santa will once again be making an appearance and handing our goodies from his big red bag!

We hope to see you there!