Cache of the Month October 2019 – Riverland Geocache

Note – Photo Spoilers ahead!

If you’re looking for an authentic ‘old school‘ geocache, then this cache is the one that you will want to find. Hidden on 1 January 2001, it is the oldest geocache in South Australia. Its hidden in a natural setting, in a scenic location, with bird life, kangaroos and other animal life and its hidden near the scenic Murray River in the Riverland Region of South Australia.

Un-believably, it has been there for a massive 18 years!

The cache itself is a huge 20 litre bucket, full of goodies, hidden pretty much in plain sight.

It’s everything an early geocache used to be. A great location and a massive geocache.

So, get in your car, start your engine, and go find a piece of geocaching history.

Inline with Geocaching SA’s goal of promoting the past-time of Geocaching is South Australia, each month the association will be highlighting a cache that warrants recognition. There are no specific criteria, and suggestions are welcome, but final discretion lies with Geocaching SA.

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