The Queens Birthday Long weekend provides the perfect backdrop for SA Geocaching’s annual camping & geocaching event. Each year teams from all over SA and Australia converge on a small unsuspecting South Australian country town to hold our annual event. This year was the 18th annual consecutive event held in South Australia. We are still trying to work out if we actually hold the international title for the longest running annual event in the world!

Photo Credit – Davidwazza

But what is June Long Weekend all about? It’s an opportunity to come along to camp, socialise with other Geocachers, find geocaches, dress up in costume, and attend the well known Dinner and CITO events. We even create hides that are unique and original (some even bend the rules) for the game day fun! This years theme was “Quest for the Holy grail” we saw knights swords, witches cauldrons, medieval feasts, and a giant Trojan Rabbit created and hidden as part of Sunday’s fun.

Quorn Quondam Quest – JLWE 2019

Imagine the scene….As the fog rolls across the boggy moor, you crane your head to hear a faint sound from the murky distance…….Is that horses hooves galloping ever closer??………………………………

Nah, ‘es just banging two coconut ‘alves together!!

It’s that time of year again! Don your Armour or Peasant rags and come join us on a Medieval Quest for the Holy Grail…Also wik caches…There will be lots of them, but you already knew that….. Also wik… a train, although the train isn’t very medieval but it does spew out steam which is kind of foggy. Alas there will be no Moose but perhaps, if you look really, really hard you may spot a Trojan Rabbit.

Photo Credit – Davidwazza

This year 45 teams attend the event and we converged on Quorn from all over the state and country. We had teams from as far away as Western Australia and New South Wales. 90+ people ready to have some Geocaching fun! This years event saw the Black Thunders creating some interesting havoc with players. Firstly there was the sword fight at the local visitor information centre, even tourist muggles joined in on the medieval fun. One muggle couple enjoyed it so much that the Black Thunders had to declare their sword fight a draw in case they caused each other real injury!

The second Black Thunder saw the recreation of clapping coconuts in a three legged race. Now this is truly a sight that can really only be enjoyed in real life. No injuries happened, a lot of geocachers lack hand & eye coordination, however every player finished the race. Even the knights of Ni joined in on the fun.