Something a little different this month, highlighting a series of caches, rather than a single listing. One of the earliest series created in South Australia, the Weekly Adelaide Sud oku series started with Weekly Adelaide Su doku #000 (GCWCPE), placed on the 3rd September 2006, and comprised twelve cache placements over the following eleven weeks, finishing with Weekly Adelaide Su doku #12 (GCZEXX) on the 26th of November. The series spreads across a large portion of metropolitan Adelaide, and ranges in difficulty from 1.5 stars to 4.5 stars, ensuring there is something everyone can challenge themselves with.

The full twelve Weekly Adelaide Su doku series of caches.

Placed by one of South Australia’s earliest cachers, Hurtle has created a series where each cache puzzle is a different, sometimes unique take, on the classic Sudoku puzzle. All those who have complete the series never find themselves short of a challenge. There is variation in sizes as well, with a few micro’s through to regular sized caches to be found in this series. Unfortunately, we have lost two over the journey, with Weekly Adelaide Su doku #2 and Weekly Adelaide Su doku #6 both having been archived. The remaining ten caches are still alive and regularly found by cachers. The series has earned geocachers a total of 1228 smilies to date, along with 40 favourite points from more recent cachers, following the introduction of favourite points well after publication[efn_note]Favourite points were introduced in December 2010.[/efn_note].

Many of the caches in this series could be considered bush and hike caches, but all are within regions considered part of metropolitan Adelaide, and this is evident in the photo stream below, a small selection of the photo’s uploaded by geocachers in their logs. In addition, as we normally do, a selection of logs have been included. Normally we only choose a selection of two or three, but this series has such a massive collection of logs acquired over the years, that it was impossible to trim it to less than eight.

Lastly, a special thank you to Hurtle for placing the series, and maintaining it well over a decade, for other geocachers to enjoy!

We really have to wonder how Mr Hurtle finds such locations. We also have to wonder what he thinks constitutes 3.5 star terrain! Definitely hard work getting to this one, and quite scary around GZ. Sent Mr Wibble in to retrieve the cache and TNLN. There was frost everywhere at the car park when we set off at 9am and it was still there when we returned at 10am!

Frozen Feet – 23 June 2007

Chose this one as my 1000th cache as I knew the area well and knew it would provide a nice walk. Came in from the Wildlife Park and encountered a ground-dwelling Koala on the way, Spent a few minutes getting as close as we could without causing him any concern . When the GPSr suggested we turn right off the formed track, I started to hope that I hadn’t made a mistake solving the puzzle. That was some serious ‘downhill’ we were approaching, and slippery, to boot. A foot wrong and you probably wouldn’t have stopped till you hit Waterfall Gully. Needn’t have worried, as the coords were spot on and the cache was located in seconds. The bees were very active, but not interested in us. Signed the log, noting our achievement in it and took out a Clipsal/Iced Coffee keyring. Put in a calculator. Thanks for a great cache, Hurtle, though this hill is getting a bit crowded now.

Nibs – 5 November 2006

A nice quick find for a first thing in the morning cache. Just as we had cache in hand, a muggle dog and owner arrived. Dog was very friendly so I ended up with dirty trousers. Sat on a seat for a while until owner & dog had disappeared then logged the find. Took TB Homesick Pom and left a golf ball and a klem bear. Thanks Hurtle for our 1st sudoku cache.

Klem’s Mob – 28 September 2006

Went to GZ today which was muggle-free thanks to the strong winds and being only 14deg C around dinnertime. Noted down the information and did the calculations (which may or may not have involved an App… 😉 then proceeded to the final and made the find – a good hiding spot well tucked away. Thanks Hurtle!

weredunn4 – 13 December 2018

Calculated the two sets of coords, then set off with Roffer to track down the cache. A quick walk down from the road, we discovered the two interesting structures. Found the bees, avoided them, hunted around a bit more, and found the cache. Signed the log and headed back up the hill. TFTC!

jRaz – 19 May 2013

Even though I had the puzzle solved long ago I hadn’t changed the coordinates. Today I arrived at the start location and read the notes. That made me think about a place I passed on the way. So without a GPS and a bit of luck I put my hand right on the cache.

Posspet Boys – 11 July 2012

Wow three finds in three days. What great coincidence! This was one of the puzzles solved on the flight to Europe a couple of months ago. A nice challenge that made the time go past really quickly (the Singapore Slings contributed to this as well though).

*Cache_or_check* – 30 July 2011

Have tried to solve this one numerous times not sure how I kept stuffing it up. But yesterday I was happier with where GZ had me and made a good find of a mint tin that has survived for a very long time. The hot green metal was tough going on the knees TFTC

Mitchells&hound – 26 January 2018

Inline with Geocaching SA’s goal of promoting the past-time of Geocaching is South Australia, each month the association will be highlighting a cache that warrants recognition. There are no specific criteria, and suggestions are welcome, but final discretion lies with Geocaching SA.