Pathtag Pre-Orders

The first of our Merchandise line has been released for pre-order today, with the GeoVenture 2020 pathtag set. This set of five pathtags has been designed by local designer WarBubble, who local SA cachers may have known in the past as Raven. Four depict scenes or points of interest all within a short distance of Millicent. The tags highlight the Tantanoola cave network, the viticulture industry of the Coonawarra, the forestry industry of Mount Burr, and the wider Limestone Coast region. The fifth tag shows our mascot Dan the Tiger, on an outing from the Tantanoola in front of the Millicent Showground gate. Each tag will be highlighted with one of glitter, translucency or glow.

Please note that purchasing this item is a pre-order, for either pick-up at GeoVenture 2020, or delivery after the event. Tags are not available before. Final tag design and colours may vary slightly.

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As with Oz Mega 2014, an empty template is available here to those who wish to create their own personalised event tag to bring along and trade with others. The color used for the border is Hex 007A33 (Pantone 356 C), and the font is Doppio One, available on Google Fonts. For those who wish to take advantage of this, be aware that due to delays associated with Chinese New Year, orders should be made before January 2020 to ensure that you receive your tags in time for the event. If you would like to have a peronalised tag (GeoVenture 2020 themed or otherwise) designed by WarBubble, she can be contacted via Doctor Owl‘s geocaching profile.

Finally, a reminder that Geocaching South Australia have two Give-Back options for pathtags, an association back, as well as one specifically for GeoVenture 2020. Both tag backs help to support Geocaching SA, and are available for your own pathtag orders.

Meal Pre-Orders

Friday dinner as well as Saturday and Sunday hot breakfast will also be available on site, provided by the Lions Club of Millicent. While pre-ordering is not necessary, it will be a first come, first served for those who do not, until all meals are sold. All proceeds go directly to the Lions Club, allowing them to continue to provide service to the local community. Check out their Facebook page for some of the work they do in the local area. (Good) Friday night is an offering of Fish and Chips while two breakfast options are on offer:

1. Fish and Chips (Cone)$7.50
2. Egg and Bacon Sandwich$6.50
3. Big Breakfast (Two Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and Toast)$13.50

Head on over to the Geocaching SA Shop to secure your merchandise and meals, and stay tuned for the inclusion of GeoCoins and Shirts in the near future.