Introducing Dan the Tiger

Those who have attended GeoVenture 2020 lead up events, or have checked out the event listing may have noticed a recent addition. The GeoVenture 2020 mascot, Dan the Tiger, has been added and he will be making an appearance in our pathtag set and t-shirts shortly as well. Dan will be joining us from his home in Tantanoola, where you can visit him during your visit to Millicent.

Dan the Tiger

Dan is actually an Assyrian Wolf, and you can hear about this local legend, and see him in person at the Tantanoola Tiger Hotel during your visit to Millicent. The first reports of the tiger are traced to 1893, described as a strange animal not native to the area. He prowled for over two years before being killed, and has resided in the local Hotel ever since.

Our cartoon mascot was created by Team Scoobster, with background and additional design work generously provided by SnappyTomCats of GeoStuff.

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