If you open up a Freddo cache page you will always find a hint but you may find the hint is pretty obscure or cryptic. So here is a cheat sheet for a few of the more common Freddo Hints. And some less common. You might like to post a comment with your own personal favourite.

Casbar – Have you heard of The Clash song ROCK the Casbar?

Dubya – Have you heard of George W. BUSH?

41st and 43rd – The forty first and forty third presidents of the USA both had the surname BUSH!

Epee or sabre – Both are FENCING swords.

A couple of parties – The font WINGDINGS 2

Oh what a feeling. – Jump UP!

Don’t look up… – Look DOWN

Dreams – Do you have PIPE dreams?

That’s where I’ll be. – UNDER the boardwalk

Drifters – UNDER the boardwalk.

There’s a lady who knows all that glitters is gold. – STAIRWAY to heaven

Is there a bustle in your hedgerow? – STAIRWAY to heaven

Cyril – The Stobie POLE was invented by Cyril Stobie

Dancer – POLE dancer

Massey or Deere? – TRACTORS

Ptang – According to Monty Python “Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-BUS-STOP-P’tang-P’tang-Olé-Biscuit-barrel” is the Silly Party candidate for Luton

Biscuit-barrel – BUS-STOP


Wombat – Eats, ROOTS and leaves

Pat – POSTman Pat

Karol Wojtyla – First POLE to become a pope.

Troubled – BRIDGE over troubled waters

Troll – Trolls live UNDER THE BRIDGE

Chilli Pepper – Red Chilli Peppers have a song UNDER THE BRIDGE

Optimus – Optimus Prime is a TRANSFORMER

Goers – Peter Goers ABC Adelaide Evenings says “HIGH ho” at the start of every hour