Not since the stories of the Tantanoola Tiger in the late 1800s had there been such excitement. One day in 1930, 16-year-old Boyce Lane made an amazing discovery that would put this little town on the map for ever.  He was wandering around a local spot known as Hanging Rocks, out enjoying his favourite pastime of rabbit hunting when his ferret disappeared chasing a rabbit down a small hole in the cliffs. While he was attempting to get it back he discovered one of the most impressive caves in South Australia.

Today, Tantanoola Caves comprises an extraordinary display of cave decorations in beautiful shades of pink and brown, coloured by its dolomite base rock. The ‘Up and Down Rocks’, a prehistoric marine cliff near the highway is a special highlight. Consisting of a chamber of 30m width and 8m overall height and it is one of the smallest caves in South Australia that has numerous stunning stalactite or stalagmite and several helictites. Inside the cave, the temperature remains at a steady 17oC, no matter what the conditions outside.

Upon arrival, you are able to enter the caves with a knowledgeable local guide who introduces you to the history and geology of the caves and explains how its spectacular array of formations has developed over thousands of years. You are then free to stroll through the large cavern at your leisure and take photographs. Tantanoola is one of Australia’s few wheelchair accessible caves in SA, so is perfect for everyone to witness the awe and wonders of this amazing example of nature at its best.

Above ground, there is plenty of room for car and caravan parking and you can sit in the picturesque picnic grounds before or after a stroll along the cliff top walking trail which offers panoramic views of the surrounding district.

Phone: (08) 8734 4153 Operating Hours: 10am – 3pm

Address Princes Highway Tantanoola, South Australia