It is not often that someone new stumbles across geocaching and immediately has other cachers raving about their hides, but in the second half of 2012, that’s exactly what happened with the arrival of clojo1! After a number of clever hides, the masterpiece that is 321 Blast Off was published in the middle of 2013, and it is Cache of the Month for June 2019.

The listing background

Located around 25km north of the Adelaide CBD, the cache is not only brilliantly constructed, but the camouflage is so clever that it has been tagged numerous times by locals, unaware of the cache’s true nature. Luckily the nearby security guards at the DSTO had been made aware by the cache owner and despite being in the heart of Adelaide’s defense precinct, it has survived to this day. At the time of publication this cache has earned 186 favourite points at a rate of 77%. For those looking to collect this one, clojo1 asks all finders to be mindful of the sensitive nature of the location, no fences need to be crossed, to ensure the long term viability of the hide. This cache was placed as a tribute to clojo1’s Dad, who worked as an electrical engineer at this facility, long before it went by its current name, then known as the Weapons Research Establishment.

The 2013 era SAGA Gold Award

Not surprisingly for those that have done this cache, it earned Gold in the 2013 SAGAs in the Best Overall Cache blue ribbon category, while another of clojo1’s caches APIPHOBIA took out bronze in the same category. Gold also came for 321 Blast Off in the Best Traditional Cache category. Combined with other hides from 2013, clojo1 was named South Australia’s Hider of the Year, taking both blue ribbon categories in only their first year of caching, such was the outstanding quality of their output in 2013.

clojo1 with the gold SAGA Hider of the Year trophy. Photo Credit Frozen Feet

A small selection of logs from this cache are listed below:

But that is what I’ve come to expect from this team.
Topping this one will be very hard.

Thanks for a great cache clojo1

Log by ttrogg

Wow this is awesome…. amazing cache and fantastic work has gone in to this, I do ask where the bloody hell did you get this though? hahaha
Great to see big caches again

Thanks for the cache Clojo1 most defiantly be giving you a favorite point for this one 😀

Log by Darknstormy

In the neighbourhood today, so we decided this was a must see cache going by the offline comments we had heard! 🙂
And we weren’t disappointed either!
What a great way to honour your Dad. 🙂
Thanks and a fav point too.

Log by Hurtle

Inline with Geocaching SA’s goal of promoting the past-time of Geocaching is South Australia, each month the association will be highlighting a cache that warrants recognition. There are no specific criteria, and suggestions are welcome, but final discretion lies with Geocaching SA.