Freddo’s Rant

Bloody Nanos Spawn of Satan.

Why is it that a small, regular or a large cache will have a hint? You know it “Base of Tree” or “SPOR”. Always something helpful. Then when someone hides a nano cache on a cannon the message is “No Hint Available.”

What are you thinking people? Do want a log like the following? Do you have shares in a telco that needs more calls? Do you want to make sure you never have to replace that pesky log scroll that takes longer to extract from the blinking cache container than it did to find the finicky thing?

There is a special place in hell for geocachers who hide nanos on cannons.
It is 20,000 degrees hotter than the standard hell for nanocache hiders.
The special place also runs 24/7 with no time off for public holidays or

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