Recently voted best overall cache at the South Australian Geocaching Awards (SAGA’s), the Cache of the Month for April is Dustin’s Cache. Awards included:

  • Gold medal – Best Overall cache of 2018
  • Gold medal – Best Traditional cache

The cache owner skuzzybear describes the cache in the listing as:

“Dustin’s Cache is designed for children or big children at heart! Please enjoy a moment of sandpit play while you grab the cache!”

A cache so good it comes with its own off street parking. How do you know? It says so on the cache container. “GC PARKING”

The cache is a camo colored box on top of a set of camo drawers. It’s against a front wall of the shed at the cache owner’s property. Finding the cache is not your problem. It is vast. There are smaller cars. Your GPS is just for street navigation. This is a Bob style find. Turn off your GPS when you park the car.

What’s this? The box and set of drawers is covered in chains with a padlock. Oh. No. We are never going to get into the cache containers.

Saved!! The key for the padlock is placed in an obvious position, marked KEY HOLDER. Nothing hard here. Skuzzy thought of everything. Love your work. So now we have the cache box open and access to the drawers. Lots of swaps and lots of interesting stuff. But where is the pesky log book?

Looking, looking, looking…

Well we have a pile of sand in the top box and some tools to work with. Lets find the final container and sign the log book.

Yes that is the plan. Go. Go. Go…??? Is there are plan B?

Some logs from other cachers.

“I must say it was very refreshing to have a fun cache that big and little kids would love to do, something different to the Gawler area so a fav point from me, look forward to many more.”

“Wow, what a well crafted cache and soooo much fun.”

“A rare Astro fav added to this cache.”

Sadly, to add more photo’s to this post would only provide spoilers and ruin the experinece for future finders. This wonderful cache did not get to be the best cache of 2018 for no reason. Clever and quirky the cache will amuse at all levels, and a very worthy SAGA winner.

Inline with Geocaching SA’s goal of promoting the past-time of Geocaching is South Australia, each month the association will be highlighting a cache that warrants recognition. There are no specific criteria, and suggestions are welcome, but final discretion lies with Geocaching SA.